Leaving Moiry Hut, approaching Moiry reservoir 20130907-231600.jpg Our contribution to the height of the mountain 20130907-231618.jpg Love the water color in this resevoir 20130907-231653.jpg Moiry dam 20130907-231703.jpg Love popping over the pass to see what is on the other side 20130907-231714.jpg Down to Zinal in the very end of the impressive Val d’Anniviers 20130907-231725.jpg That’s a lotta ski runs… we hope to be back 20130907-231734.jpg Looking downvalley in d’Anniviers 20130907-231742.jpg Ski town of Grimentz 20130907-231750.jpg Quaint village of Zinal 20130907-231803.jpg 20130907-231809.jpg Zinal 20130907-231815.jpg The olden days in Zinal 20130907-231832.jpg View from our balcony in Hotel le Besso 20130907-231846.jpg