I noted in my brief Haute Route update a few days ago that we did a ‘Yucky’ hike on Tuesday from cabane Louvie to cabane Prafleuri, but more than one person who did this hike has since told me they really liked it. So while I won’t profess to have liked it, I will concede that it was very unique and that many people may find it interesting. This is one of the most remote stages of the tour, with a trail that is consistently rugged, rocky, high and often exposed. The Grand Desert, once a famous glacier crossing, but no longer a glacier crossing due to the continuing recession of the glacier, looked like a moonscape. One part of the trail was termed a ‘cruel but necessary stepdown’ and some of our poor WA/AK friends did it twice when they got separated from each other… BAH! The Cabane de Prafleuri was in a barren valley, an area used as a quarry in the 1950’s for gravel for the nearby Dixence dam, so not the prettiest setting, and the food and service were among the poorest we have had, but a room swap with the WA/AK group resulted in the unexpected bonus of a private room for us for the night, which was much appreciated. Early morning look-back at lac Louvie image Flower field by lac Louvie 20130907-174858.jpg cabane Louvie recedes in the background (a speck on the far side of the lake) with Grand Combin brilliant above 20130907-174911.jpg Are we on the moon? 20130907-174932.jpg Glacier de Prafleuri 20130907-175007.jpg The Grand Desert 20130907-175040.jpg cabane de Prafleuri in the distance 20130907-175115.jpg cabane de Prafleuri 20130907-175126.jpg