Vive le Tour de France

“But every July the world knows that a struggle of epic proportions will occur and the man who emerges victor will have achieved true lasting fame and glory…. it is a marvelous gigantic event that has time to develop like a giant novel… a race of unbelievable difficulty with a gloriously rich history.” The Story of the Tour de France by Bill and Carol McGann

Watching all of France galvanize around the TDF has been more moving and special than we ever could have imagined. From the spectacle of the publicity caravan to the RVers and picnickers lining the roads to the crowds filling the small towns to the sea of color that is the riders and teams, the Tour de France is arguably the greatest sporting event in the world. Vive le Tour de France!

From Matt and Stefano on

The Madness of the Publicity Caravan

The Fans, Festivities and Towns of le Tour

And Mark’s videos of the Tour in action:

Publicity caravan

Near the finish in Risoul

Allez! Allez! Allez!


2014.07.20 (Tour de France) - 0006
Some of the floats in the “publicity caravan” in Tallard before the start of Stage 15 from Tallard to Nimes.
2014.07.20 (Tour de France) - 0007
This float blended in with the race and the countryside.
2014.07.20 (Tour de France) - 0008
Shauna and Sally auditioning to become “float girls”. These green hands were very coveted freebies.
2014.07.20 (Tour de France) - 0011
Bike and biker sculptures of all kinds were on display.
2014.07.20 (Tour de France) - 0012
Much fanfare accompanies the start of each TDF Stage.


2014.07.19 (Tour de France) - 0005
Our Bikestyle Tours leader extraordinaire, Grace Fitzpatrick, demonstrates ready position for nabbing goodies from the publicity caravan.


2014.07.19 (Tour de France) - 0003
Tour fans fill every available space to cheer the riders on their way with shouts of Allez! Allez! Allez!
2014.07.20 (Tour de France) - 0013
The Tour de France racers moving up to the start of Stage 15 from Tallard to Nimes.
2014.07.20 (Tour de France) - 0014
…..and they’re off!
2014.07.24 (Tour de France) - 0051
The riders soar through St Marie de Campan at the bottom of the climb up Col du Tourmalet. The tiny spectator under the hanging flower baskets in the upper left of the picture is Shauna.
2014.07.20 (Tour de France) - 0002
Well hello!
2014.07.19 (Tour de France) - 0007
Riders, crowd, pageantry, alpine backdrop… the race comes through Risoul.
2014.07.26 (Tour de France) - 0043
A rider launches at the time trial in Bergerac. German Tony Martin, the world time trial champion, crushed the field over the 54-kilometer (34-mile) leg on Saturday in an hour and 6 minutes…averaging a mere 30 mph. Zoom.


Tour and Tour Organizer: BEST OF THE 2014 TOUR DE FRANCE, Bikestyle Tours.



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