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Tight squeeze, but it’s been working for 250 years

The canal system in the UK is unique and extensive. Originally started in the 1760’s to transport coal, textiles and other goods, the system at its height was a 3000 mile network of canals. Combined with the natural river system, the canals linked London to the Midlands of England and beyond. 2000 miles of canals are still navigable today and are used recreationally. Travellers navigate through the canals and their locks on narrowboats much like we might tour around American in RVs. Narrowboats have straight sides and flat bottoms and are pointed at both ends.  In order to ‘go anywhere […]

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Much Ado About Nothing?

We spent a lovely afternoon in Stratford-Upon-Avon Saturday highlighted by another lively tour with our friend, David, who had guided us in Oxford. David is from Stratford originally and is a lover of the arts; he frequently broke into old English renditions of some of Shakespeare’s more famous writings. “To be or not to be…” Stratford, a town of 26,000 welcomes about 4 million visitors every year, mostly to pay homage to William Shakespeare, who lived, died and is buried here. And this has been going on for centuries; famous American tourists to Stratford include Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Jefferson […]

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The Hunt for Sticky Toffee Pudding

The picturesque, quaint and historic area called The Cotswolds, west and north of London, provided us a perfect respite between London and Edinburgh. Leaving Windsor Castle, we headed for Chipping Campden for a couple of nights in a bed and breakfast. We drove among rolling hills and patchwork fields, and through trees arched into tunnels over the winding roads. We marveled at the 15th, 16th and 17th century Cotswold stone homes, churches, barns and fences. The golden-hued stone was quarried (mostly) locally and the area was largely built-up with wealth originating during the medieval wool trade. Chipping Campden is a […]

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Divorced, Beheaded, Died…

We rented a car Friday to drive out to the Cotswolds (see next post), and we visited Windsor Castle on the way.  Windsor Castle (started in 1070) is still a working residence for the royal family, and the queen often spends weekends here, though right now she is summering in Balmoral, Scotland. The castle is one of the most beautiful we have ever seen as it has been well maintained and restored throughout the years, most recently after a terrible fire in 1992. It is much more expansive than just a castle, really an estate of many buildings within a perimeter […]

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It was the food!!

Our London Tour took us past the famous Savoy Hotel. According to Wiki, The Savoy was the first luxury hotel in Britain, introducing electric lights throughout the building, electric lifts, bathrooms in most of the lavishly furnished rooms, constant hot and cold running water, and many other innovations. Actor Richard Harris, aka Dumbledore, took up residence at the Savoy at age 70. He loved the fact that if he wanted a sandwich at 4am, he could get one.  (for 6,000 Pounds/week, I would hope so!) Harris was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer, and became quite ill at the end of his life. […]

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Mark & Shauna Trieb

We’re Mark and Shauna Trieb and we live in Dallas, Texas. We are actuaries-turned-adventurers and one of the truisms that guides us is: “Life is not a dress rehearsal.” So, we’re doing our best to see, meet, try, and inspire as many places, people, experiences and adventures, as we can during our one shot at life. Read More

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