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Final Two (Glorious) Pyrénées Hikes

We’ve somehow pleased the weather gods. We took Wednesday off, and that worked perfectly as it was foggy and misty most of the day. We took a stroll around some of Luchon’s ‘suburbs’ in the afternoon when it cleared. That left us refreshed and ready to take on two final long hikes. Both had some substantial ups (and downs) which provided for spectacular views across the valleys, mountaintops, forests and lakes. The weather was glorious for both: crisp cool mornings, highs of 70, and brilliant sunshine all day long. If we weren’t missing our family and friends so much, we […] Read more

One of our Favorite Hikes – Hospice de France

We’ve done some great hikes around Luchon, but our best of the trip was a loop that we completed from the Hospice de France. The Hospice de France, dating from the 14th century, was once a staging post for mule-trains trading across the border of Spain. It belonged to the Order of St. John of Jerusalem (Knights of Malta). Fees and taxes were levied on travelers crossing the border with their mules laden with goods. Today, the Hospice de France is a gite, restaurant, small museum, and the starting point for some spectacular hikes, including crossing over the Spanish border, […] Read more

A Week on the GR10: Hendaye to Auberge Logibar

We spent a little over a week on the GR10 from Hendaye to Logibar. The hiking was varied and gorgeous, and very up and down. Now we see why the trail, if stretched out straight, would be almost twice as long as the straight-line distance it covers. It is purposeful in its quest for spectacular vistas from the highest point nearby (and NOT from the roads that so temptingly skirt around the mountain instead of up and over). As we got further and higher into the more remote regions towards the 7th and 8th days, the accommodations became more, um, […] Read more

From Syria: Erin Trieb’s Photos

We interrupt our travel blog to bring you these photos published by NBCNews.com today. Our daughter and photojournalist, Erin Trieb, was in Iraq and Syria for the past month. The link below will take you to her poignant story on the Women’s Protection Unit, a 7,000-strong Kurdish military group. It’s a bit humbling to be traipsing around the lush Basque Country of France knowing what these women are going through. We are so proud of Erin for her courage, and for her special talent of bringing the world’s stories to us through her photos. From NBCNews.com: “In the dry and desolate […] Read more

Hiking the GR 10 – Basque Country

Yesterday, we started our hike on the French hiking trail called the GR 10. GR stands for Grande Randonnée, and the “10” is just one of many. The Grande Randonnée (French), Grote Routepaden or Lange-afstand-wandelpaden (Dutch), Grande Rota (Portuguese) or Gran Recorrido (Spanish) is a network of long-distance footpaths in Europe, mostly in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain. In France alone, the trails cover approximately 60,000 kilometers (37,000 mi). The GR 10 is a classic mountain walk that crosses the Pyrenees. The main crest of the Pyrenees forms a massive divider between France and Spain from the Atlantic to […] Read more


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