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2018/03/18Skiing Europe, SwitzerlandSki Touring in Switzerland – Week #22018-03-18 19:49:51
2018/03/18Skiing Europe, SwitzerlandSki Touring in Switzerland – Week #12018-03-18 16:55:04
2018/01/21Italy, Skiing Europe, Switzerland“Stranded” in Zermatt, Switzerland2018-01-21 12:45:55
2017/11/08SpainWe Love Barcelona2017-11-08 14:57:47
2017/10/08MaltaMalta2017-10-08 22:13:10
2017/10/08France, Italy, MonacoThe Italian and French Rivieras2017-10-08 17:14:29
2017/10/07Albania, Croatia, Greece, Italy, MontenegroCruising the Adriatic Sea2017-10-07 11:08:57
2017/09/25ItalyItaly – Rome, Florence & Venice2017-09-25 07:41:18
2017/04/06Around The World, VietnamHanoi and Halong Bay2017-04-06 23:36:34
2017/04/06Around The World, Hike, VietnamSa Pa and Northwest Vietnam2017-04-06 23:05:59
2017/04/03Around The World, VietnamJungle Trekking and Caving2017-04-03 11:26:35
2017/04/02Around The World, VietnamCentral Vietnam by Motorbike (Part 2)2017-04-02 08:56:18
2017/04/02Around The World, VietnamCentral Vietnam by Motorbike (Part 1)2017-04-02 07:03:07
2017/03/20Around The World, CambodiaSiem Reap and the Angkor Temples2017-03-20 20:54:29
2017/03/18Around The World, CambodiaDark History, Hopeful Future in Cambodia2017-03-18 10:53:15
2017/03/15Around The World, Cambodia, VietnamLife in the Mekong Delta2017-03-15 08:26:59
2017/03/10Around The World, VietnamGood Morning, Vietnam! (cliche but still…)2017-03-10 00:38:48
2017/03/05Around The World, Hike, New ZealandHiking the Routeburn Track2017-03-05 20:41:49
2017/03/04Around The World, Hike, New ZealandHiking the Milford Track2017-03-04 00:17:02
2017/03/03Around The World, New ZealandDoubtful Sound (actually a fiord)2017-03-03 23:26:22
2017/03/03Around The World, Hike, New ZealandQueenstown Area – An Adult Adventureland2017-03-03 00:06:00
2017/02/23Around The World, Hike, New ZealandEast to West over the Southern Alps of NZ2017-02-23 15:13:17
2017/02/16Around The World, Hike, New ZealandAlbatross and Dolphins and Whales – Oh My!2017-02-16 04:53:29
2017/02/09Around The World, Hike, New ZealandKayaking the Abel Tasman2017-02-09 01:07:36
2017/02/08Around The World, Hike, New ZealandHiking & Sailing in the Marlborough Sounds2017-02-08 22:30:02
2017/02/02Around The World, New ZealandNZ Bay of Islands and Northlands2017-02-02 02:40:47
2017/02/01Around The World, Hike, New ZealandNZ North Island Adventures2017-02-01 01:57:42
2017/01/29Around The World, Australia, Cambodia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, VietnamAround The World in 4 Months and a Day2017-01-29 04:59:41
2016/05/25KenyaOut of Africa Lives on at Angama Mara2016-05-25 15:44:25
2016/05/18SeychellesFishing in the Seychelles2016-05-18 14:06:28
2016/05/17KenyaAngama Mara Safari2016-05-17 16:25:40
2016/05/17SeychellesBonzour from the Seychelles2016-05-17 14:24:17
2016/04/19Cape TownCape Winelands, South Africa2016-04-19 03:37:20
2016/04/16Cape Town, HikeWe Love Cape Town!2016-04-16 12:10:11
2016/04/09NamibiaThe Dunes of Namibia2016-04-09 11:51:23
2015/06/14Dominica, HikeHiking to Boiling Lake on Dominica2015-06-14 16:51:06
2015/06/14Dominica, France, St. MartinSailing the Leeward Islands2015-06-14 16:22:35
2015/04/18Motivational MessagesMM2015-04-18 19:50:54
2015/03/26Motivational MessagesMM2015-03-26 11:00:09
2015/03/17Motivational MessagesMM2015-03-17 15:40:56
2015/03/10Skiing Europe, SwitzerlandZermatt, one of our all-time favorites2015-03-10 13:15:38
2015/03/09Motivational MessagesMM2015-03-09 12:28:06
2015/02/24Skiing Europe, SwitzerlandVerbier and Engelberg in the Swiss Alps2015-02-24 08:27:34
2015/02/13France, Skiing EuropeMĂ©ribel – Heart of Les 3 VallĂ©es2015-02-13 09:21:18
2015/01/29France, Skiing EuropeLes 3 VallĂ©es – Courchevel2015-01-29 12:13:54
2015/01/27FranceModern Art at Centre Pompidou, Paris2015-01-27 11:56:40
2015/01/20Motivational MessagesMM2015-01-20 00:25:44
2015/01/12Motivational MessagesMM2015-01-12 14:39:01
2014/12/08MexicoDay of the Dead – at San Miguel de Allende2014-12-08 10:11:53
2014/09/29France, Hiking EuropeFinal Two (Glorious) Pyrénées Hikes2014-09-29 08:27:50
2014/09/24France, Hiking EuropeOne of our Favorite Hikes – Hospice de France2014-09-24 06:47:23
2014/09/24France, Hiking Europe, ReviewsBagnères-de-Luchon, France2014-09-24 06:23:07
2014/09/19Motivational MessagesMM2014-09-19 16:10:49
2014/09/18France, Hiking EuropeA Week on the GR10: Hendaye to Auberge Logibar2014-09-18 08:35:29
2014/09/10Iraq, SyriaFrom Syria: Erin Trieb’s Photos2014-09-10 11:25:56
2014/09/08France, Hike, Hiking EuropeHiking the GR 10 – Basque Country2014-09-08 17:13:01
2014/09/08Motivational MessagesMM2014-09-08 11:22:12
2014/09/05FranceThe Saint-Tropez of Brigitte Bardot2014-09-05 05:19:32
2014/09/05FranceFrench School Graduation2014-09-05 05:16:45
2014/08/31Motivational MessagesMM2014-08-31 02:44:16
2014/08/29Motivational MessagesMM2014-08-29 00:46:41
2014/08/23Motivational MessagesMM2014-08-23 15:05:39
2014/08/22Motivational MessagesMM2014-08-22 11:47:15
2014/08/20Motivational MessagesMM2014-08-20 12:39:21
2014/08/18FranceThe halfway mark, Nice and The Rothschild Gardens2014-08-18 14:46:56
2014/08/17Motivational MessagesMM2014-08-17 17:19:06
2014/08/15Motivational MessagesMM2014-08-15 20:20:43
2014/08/10FranceAir kissing in France, and a few other tidbits2014-08-10 12:28:20
2014/08/10Motivational MessagesMM2014-08-10 10:12:55
2014/08/06FranceFireworks for French School?!2014-08-06 02:21:13
2014/08/05FranceFirst day of French school2014-08-05 02:21:22
2014/08/04FranceA new old feeling…. the First Day of School!2014-08-04 02:24:27
2014/08/03Motivational MessagesMM2014-08-03 16:47:48
2014/07/30FranceThe TDF Arrives on the Champs-Élysées2014-07-30 03:43:13
2014/07/29FranceCycling in the French Pyrenees2014-07-29 16:48:38
2014/07/28FranceVive le Tour de France2014-07-28 10:54:58
2014/07/27FranceCycling in the French Alps2014-07-27 15:21:45
2014/07/16FranceBonjour! From Le Tour de France 20142014-07-16 12:57:29
2014/07/09Motivational MessagesMM2014-07-09 13:48:10
2014/06/22Motivational MessagesMM2014-06-22 23:12:42
2014/06/13Motivational MessagesMM2014-06-13 20:21:55
2014/06/11Motivational MessagesMM2014-06-11 11:34:54
2014/06/10Motivational MessagesMM2014-06-10 20:10:04
2014/05/23Around The World, United Arab EmiratesDubai and Abu Dhabi – All That Glitters…2014-05-23 18:50:50
2014/05/14Motivational MessagesMM2014-05-14 13:43:04
2014/05/14Around The World, SingaporeSingapore Slinging2014-05-14 04:54:04
2014/05/13Around The World, ThailandBangkok in a Day2014-05-13 10:50:10
2014/05/11Around The World, KathmanduEverest from the Air2014-05-11 06:21:02
2014/05/11Around The World, KathmanduK-k-k-k-k-k-Kathmandu2014-05-11 00:30:22
2014/05/09Around The World, Hike, NepalIn The Shadow of Mt. Everest2014-05-09 10:28:16
2014/05/02Around The World, Hike, NepalHiking the Foothills of the Himalayas – The Annapurnas2014-05-02 03:17:51
2014/04/26Around The World, Bhutan, HikeTiger’s Nest: The Cultural Icon of Bhutan2014-04-26 13:00:37
2014/04/25Around The World, BhutanThimphu – Bhutan’s “Big Apple”2014-04-25 12:37:02
2014/04/24Around The World, Bhutan, HikeA Royal Encounter, Hiking with the Queen Mother of Bhutan2014-04-24 21:36:03
2014/04/23Around The World, BhutanKuzu zangpo la – Greetings from Bhutan2014-04-23 15:27:56
2014/04/17Motivational MessagesMM – The mountains are calling…2014-04-17 20:37:51
2014/04/14Around The World, JapanSpringtime in Kyoto2014-04-14 04:06:38
2014/04/14Around The World, JapanA Baker’s Dozen: Observations on Japan2014-04-14 04:03:28
2014/04/14Around The World, JapanA Brief History of Japan2014-04-14 04:01:46
2014/04/14Around The World, JapanKyoto, the Soul of Japan2014-04-14 03:58:13
2014/04/14Japan, ReviewsReview: Hotel Granvia Kyoto2014-04-14 03:55:13
2014/04/10Around The World, JapanTwo Tales of a City, Hiroshima2014-04-10 10:31:34
2014/04/10Around The World, JapanA Morning Visit to Miyajima Island2014-04-10 03:15:16
2014/04/10Around The World, JapanTakayama – Gateway to the Northern Japan Alps2014-04-10 02:10:35
2014/04/07Around The World, Japan, ReviewsOur Stay in a Japanese Ryokan2014-04-07 21:14:31
2014/04/07Motivational MessagesMM – Japanese Proverb2014-04-07 04:42:01
2014/04/05Around The World, Hike, Japan, Mt FujiHiking Around Mt Fuji with Mountain Trek2014-04-05 20:02:15
2014/04/02Around The World, Japan, TokyoMaking Sense of Shinto and Buddhism in Japan is Confucing2014-04-02 10:46:58
2014/04/02Around The World, JapanEating in Japan2014-04-02 08:43:22
2014/03/30Around The World, Japan, TokyoWalking Some Tokyo Neighborhoods2014-03-30 11:26:32
2014/03/30Around The World, Japan, TokyoTokyo Begins with Cherry Tree Blooms2014-03-30 11:09:08
2014/03/28Motivational MessagesTravel is Fatal…2014-03-28 09:46:16
2014/03/28Around The World, AustraliaYou Say Syrah, I Say Shiraz2014-03-28 09:11:07
2014/03/28Around The World, AustraliaMind Your Beeswax and You’ll Get More Wine2014-03-28 04:58:00
2014/03/28Around The World, AustraliaHow Old is Wine?2014-03-28 04:50:28
2014/03/25Around The World, AustraliaFirst Stop Australia2014-03-25 10:30:11
2014/03/22Around The WorldAround The World, Take 22014-03-22 23:49:35
2014/02/26Motivational MessagesLove me some Charlie Brown2014-02-26 23:52:37
2014/02/25Motivational MessagesEvery accomplishment…2014-02-25 20:35:19
2014/02/24Motivational MessagesThe only thing….2014-02-24 20:47:23
2014/01/29UgandaGorillas in the Mist-y Impenetrable Forest2014-01-29 02:41:06
2014/01/29Great Migration, TanzaniaVideos from the Serengeti2014-01-29 02:40:21
2014/01/28Great Migration, TanzaniaLegendary Expeditions’ Mwiba Tented Lodge2014-01-28 00:26:47
2014/01/28Great Migration, TanzaniaOur Serengeti adventure, filled with firsts2014-01-28 00:07:47
2014/01/27Great Migration, TanzaniaLegendary Expeditions’ Serengeti Camp2014-01-27 23:28:07
2014/01/26Great Migration, Kilimanjaro, TanzaniaLegendary Lodge Arusha2014-01-26 20:08:19
2013/12/09Hike, Kilimanjaro, TanzaniaDay 7 on Kilimanjaro2013-12-09 19:35:48
2013/12/09Hike, Kilimanjaro, TanzaniaDay 6 – Summiting Kilimanjaro2013-12-09 19:33:04
2013/12/09Hike, Kilimanjaro, TanzaniaDay 5 on Kilimanjaro2013-12-09 19:22:14
2013/12/09Hike, Kilimanjaro, TanzaniaDay 4 on Kilimanjaro2013-12-09 19:19:15
2013/12/09Hike, Kilimanjaro, TanzaniaDay 3 on Kilimanjaro2013-12-09 19:17:11
2013/12/09Hike, Kilimanjaro, TanzaniaDay 2 on Kilimanjaro2013-12-09 19:13:11
2013/10/21Hike, Kilimanjaro, TanzaniaDay 1 on Kilimanjaro2013-10-21 14:31:55
2013/10/21Kilimanjaro, TanzaniaMeet our Kilimanjaro Team2013-10-21 02:14:29
2013/10/21Kilimanjaro, TanzaniaPretending we’re still in Africa. Where in the World is Kilimanjaro?2013-10-21 00:04:45
2013/09/25Hike, Kilimanjaro, TanzaniaWe Stood on The Roof of Africa2013-09-25 07:06:44
2013/09/18Hike, Kilimanjaro, TanzaniaUp up and away!2013-09-18 05:45:32
2013/09/17Reviews, South AfricaFairlawn’s Boutique Hotel and Spa, Johannesburg2013-09-17 21:30:37
2013/09/17Cape TownA first (and a funny) in the Cape Town airport2013-09-17 21:19:57
2013/09/17South AfricaRugby and Sunset on Woodbridge Island, Cape Town, South Africa2013-09-17 20:56:49
2013/09/17Cape TownClifton Beach, Cape Town, SA2013-09-17 20:26:20
2013/09/17Cape Town, HikeMore Table Mountain pics2013-09-17 20:12:16
2013/09/17Cape Town, HikeTable Mountain, Cape Town, SA2013-09-17 19:33:50
2013/09/12South AfricaCape Town!2013-09-12 13:44:54
2013/09/12France, Hike, Hiking Europe, SwitzerlandSeptember Showers lead to…. Les Trois Vallees2013-09-12 13:25:21
2013/09/07Hike, Hiking Europe, SwitzerlandMoiry reservoir to Col de Sorebois to Grimentz to Zimal2013-09-07 21:32:42
2013/09/07Hike, Hiking Europe, SwitzerlandMoiry hut2013-09-07 17:23:56
2013/09/07Hike, Hiking Europe, Switzerlandcabane Prafleuri to Arolla… ahhhh…2013-09-07 17:09:10
2013/09/07Hike, Hiking Europe, SwitzerlandOne man’s yuck is another man’s treasure2013-09-07 16:08:07
2013/09/07Hike, Hiking Europe, SwitzerlandThe Haute Route2013-09-07 15:48:28
2013/09/05Hike, Hiking Europe, SwitzerlandQuick Haute Route Update2013-09-05 06:05:31
2013/09/02France, Hike, Hiking Europe, SwitzerlandSunday leisure in Chamonix2013-09-02 06:57:42
2013/09/01France, Hike, Hiking Europe, SwitzerlandLa Forclaz to Col de Balme to le Tour, Sun, 1 Sept2013-09-01 20:49:09
2013/09/01Hike, Hiking Europe, Reviews, SwitzerlandHotel du Col de la Forclaz2013-09-01 20:35:13
2013/09/01Hike, Hiking Europe, SwitzerlandThe hike of many names, Friday, 30 Aug2013-09-01 17:36:33
2013/08/30Hike, Hiking Europe, SwitzerlandAnother day at the office2013-08-30 08:04:28
2013/08/30Hike, Hiking Europe, Switzerlandla Fouly, Switzerland2013-08-30 05:41:58
2013/08/29Hike, Hiking Europe, SwitzerlandBack on Swiss trails2013-08-29 15:30:21
2013/08/29Hike, Hiking Europe, Italy, SwitzerlandMorning has broken at Bonatti2013-08-29 06:17:27
2013/08/29Hike, Hiking Europe, Italy, SwitzerlandHiking above Courmayeur, Italy Monday 26 Aug2013-08-29 06:04:44
2013/08/28Hike, Hiking Europe, Italy, SwitzerlandRifugio Bonatti2013-08-28 16:06:31
2013/08/28Hike, Hiking Europe, Italy, SwitzerlandCourmayeur to the top of the Val Ferret – Ohemgee2013-08-28 08:11:22
2013/08/27Italy, SwitzerlandDinners in Courmayeur, IT2013-08-27 22:02:08
2013/08/27Hike, Hiking Europe, Italy, SwitzerlandIn the presence of Rock Stars in the Alps2013-08-27 16:48:15
2013/08/27France, Hike, Hiking Europe, Italy, SwitzerlandTour du Mont Blanc2013-08-27 16:45:47
2013/08/27Hike, Hiking Europe, Italy, SwitzerlandGood morning from Courmayeur, Italy2013-08-27 06:15:43
2013/08/25Hike, Hiking Europe, Italy, SwitzerlandCourmayeur, Italy2013-08-25 21:40:50
2013/08/25France, Hike, Hiking Europe, SwitzerlandRainy day above Les Houches to Nant Borrant, France2013-08-25 21:32:35
2013/08/25France, Hike, Hiking Europe, SwitzerlandRefuge in the French Alps2013-08-25 21:02:16
2013/08/25France, Hike, Hiking Europe, SwitzerlandMore Chamonix2013-08-25 12:55:55
2013/08/23France, Hike, Hiking Europe, SwitzerlandMont Blanc and Chamonix, FR2013-08-23 15:36:43
2013/08/22Hike, Hiking Europe, SwitzerlandSelden to Lotschen Pass and above; Aug 212013-08-22 21:16:57
2013/08/22Hike, Hiking Europe, SwitzerlandInternational Scout Centre in Kandersteg2013-08-22 15:19:30
2013/08/22Hike, Hiking Europe, SwitzerlandBells of Waldhus Inn2013-08-22 15:05:49
2013/08/20Hike, Hiking Europe, SwitzerlandGriesalp to Kandersteg; our first rain day2013-08-20 08:11:29
2013/08/20Hike, Hiking Europe, SwitzerlandAlpaca! at Griesalp2013-08-20 08:02:08
2013/08/20Hike, Hiking Europe, SwitzerlandMurren to Sefinenfurke Pass to Griesalp2013-08-20 07:58:25
2013/08/19Hike, Hiking Europe, Switzerland(A few of the) Reasons …2013-08-19 16:45:41
2013/08/18Hiking Europe, SwitzerlandWindsurfers and kitesurfers near St. Moritz, Switzerland2013-08-18 15:05:16
2013/08/18Hike, Hiking Europe, SwitzerlandMurren Transformed2013-08-18 06:36:48
2013/08/18Hike, Hiking Europe, SwitzerlandMurren, Sunday morning 18 Aug2013-08-18 06:29:42
2013/08/17Italy, SwitzerlandDays 3 and 4 of motorcycling in the Alps2013-08-17 19:44:01
2013/08/15SwitzerlandSo many firsts…2013-08-15 22:44:58
2013/08/13Hike, Hiking Europe, SwitzerlandObersteinberg to Murren to Thun (13th August)2013-08-13 21:17:53
2013/08/13Hike, Hiking Europe, SwitzerlandWengen to Obersteinberg (12 Aug)2013-08-13 20:58:59
2013/08/11Hiking Europe, SwitzerlandRecovery! (we think)2013-08-11 21:58:32
2013/08/11Hike, Hiking Europe, SwitzerlandGrindelwald to Eigergletscher; train to Wengen2013-08-11 21:48:01
2013/08/11Hike, Hiking Europe, SwitzerlandMeiringen to Grindelwald2013-08-11 17:08:00
2013/08/09Hiking Europe, SwitzerlandFeeling Naked2013-08-09 20:06:05
2013/08/09ScotlandEdinburgh and The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo2013-08-09 08:28:39
2013/08/09ScotlandGod Save the Queen2013-08-09 07:26:59
2013/08/08ScotlandA Walk on the Wild Side2013-08-08 23:28:10
2013/08/08ScotlandFĂ ilte gu Alba (Welcome to Scotland in Gaelic)2013-08-08 23:26:11
2013/08/08United KingdomA “Wild Scene of Crag and Mountain”2013-08-08 23:24:13
2013/08/08Hiking Europe, SwitzerlandHow do you top The Cotswolds?2013-08-08 13:13:44
2013/08/05Motivational MessagesBest Travel/Trek Experience Ever2013-08-05 21:43:07
2013/08/05United KingdomTight squeeze, but it’s been working for 250 years2013-08-05 10:16:23
2013/08/05United KingdomMuch Ado About Nothing?2013-08-05 10:01:54
2013/08/05United KingdomThe Hunt for Sticky Toffee Pudding2013-08-05 00:16:49
2013/08/05United KingdomDivorced, Beheaded, Died…2013-08-05 00:05:59
2013/08/02United KingdomIt was the food!!2013-08-02 09:08:36
2013/08/02United KingdomReturns in original packaging only2013-08-02 08:52:11
2013/08/02United KingdomAh, my best hat2013-08-02 08:30:10
2013/08/01United KingdomContent2013-08-01 23:09:21
2013/08/01United KingdomWe’re on Oxford Time2013-08-01 21:13:10
2013/08/01United KingdomLondon Bridges, 5 Days Down2013-08-01 20:35:16
2013/07/31Motivational MessagesTravel Quote of the Day2013-07-31 22:37:25
2013/07/30United KingdomBag Update2013-07-30 09:27:32
2013/07/29United KingdomGreenwich2013-07-29 08:11:47
2013/07/28United KingdomUh oh2013-07-28 11:17:54
2013/07/28United KingdomLanded London Heathrow2013-07-28 09:33:00
2013/07/28United KingdomTravel Madlibs2013-07-28 00:00:59
2013/07/27United KingdomUp, Up and Away2013-07-27 23:07:39