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Day 5 on Kilimanjaro

Summit Eve! Today we would hike across the ‘Saddle’ between Mawenzi Peak and Kibo, reaching our highest altitude yet, 15,180′. The good news this morning was that Mark was feeling better. The bad news: Will hardly slept at all (a symptom of altitude sickness). It was a cloudy day, so no great views, and it was cool, but not freezing. We skipped teatime, and had an early dinner at 5ish. The advice for tonight was to sleep in everything we would wear to the summit tomorrow, except our shoes, gortex outer layer, and headwear. By the time we retired for […]

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Day 4 on Kilimanjaro

Day 4 provided a spectacular sunrise across the cloud horizon while the moon was setting near a clear view of Mawenzi Peak. The birds (streaky-headed seedeaters and alpine chats) were chirping, the three-striped field mice were scurrying, as we stepped out into the CHILLY! morning. But the clear morning meant that cell and data reception were fully available, and this would be the last day for it, so we checked email, texted our families, and posted a couple of pictures on Facebook. By the time breakfast was served, it had already warmed up significantly, so we changed into shorts, and […]

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Day 3 on Kilimanjaro

Day 3 dawned beautifully. We had a very leisurely walk from 10,200 to 10,800 and the Kikelewa Cave campsite. We walked ‘pole, pole’ (pronounced pole-ay, pole-ay) … very slowly. Here’s a great explanation of AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness), and how to acclimatize to prevent it.   http://www.ultimatekilimanjaro.com/acclimatization.htm We played “Who Am I?” along the way (one player thinks of a person, the others try to be the first to guess who it is, asking only ‘yes/no’ questions). I even tried to tell my ‘pirate walks into a bar’ joke, which was an adventure in and of itself as it took […]

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Day 2 on Kilimanjaro

Day 2 followed what would be our typical schedule so I’ll lay it out in a bit of detail to show what most days were like. Our “Kili alarm clock” went off at 6am… our waiter, Severin, was outside our tent calling out “Hello, Hello” until we unzipped it to retrieve our coffee, tea or hot chocolate from him. We had been awake for awhile as the camp had come to life around 5:30 with other campers packing up. Our warm “water for washing” (a couple of inches deep in a 14-inch diameter plastic tub) arrived about a half an hour […]

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Day 1 on Kilimanjaro

Our day started with the hearty breakfast buffet at Legendary Lodge in Arusha, including coffee fresh from the plantation. The Lodge is situated on a working coffee plantation; the grounds are lovely, lush and tropical gardens, and the Jacaranda trees were blooming. This coffee is so good that even if you normally drink your coffee with milk and sugar, you don’t need it here. Sweet and chocolatey and rich and yummy. We then set off on a 3 hour drive through Tanzanian countryside and villages to the Rongai Gate of Tanzania National Park. We arrived at Rongai Gate and while other […]

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