It’s hard to leave the beautiful grounds of Legendary Lodge in Arusha (more on that next week!), but we are soooo excited to start our climb up the tallest mountain in Africa….Kilimanjaro! Quick preview: Hiking the Rongai Route Outfitter is Nature Discovery Trip created by Khashana Adventure Travel: Guide: Pendael Asst Guide: Godlisten Cook: John Waiter: Severin Asst waiter: Musa Campsite manager: Ernest Porters: tbd Day 1: 6500 ft to 9300 ft Day 2: 9300 to 11,300 Day 3: 11,300 to 11,800 Day 4: 11,800 to 14,500 Day 5: 14,500 to 15,800 Day 6: 15,800 to 19,300 SUMMIT!!   […]