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Around The World in 4 Months and a Day

After a long absence from traveling (and thus blogging) due to some pesky knee surgery issues for Mark, we’ve embarked on our longest trip ever… 4 months and a day. We left Dallas on January 14, and ‘holding thumbs’ that all goes well, we will return on May 15. The first and last legs of our trip are to Whistler, British Columbia, Canada (about 70 miles north of Vancouver) where we are building a home. This is our 3rd OneWorld Around the World airline ticket… 16 flights on 4 continents; 5 if you count a connection in London. The majority […]

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Day of the Dead – at San Miguel de Allende

Last month we traveled to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico to experience our first Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).  San Miguel de Allende is a city located in the state of Guanajuato in central Mexico, northwest of Mexico City. 14,000 of the city’s population of 80,000 are expatriates, roughly 70 percent of them from the U.S. From Wiki: “Day of the Dead (Spanish: Día de Muertos) is a Mexican holiday observed throughout Mexico and around the world in other cultures. The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died. It is particularly […]

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A Week on the GR10: Hendaye to Auberge Logibar

We spent a little over a week on the GR10 from Hendaye to Logibar. The hiking was varied and gorgeous, and very up and down. Now we see why the trail, if stretched out straight, would be almost twice as long as the straight-line distance it covers. It is purposeful in its quest for spectacular vistas from the highest point nearby (and NOT from the roads that so temptingly skirt around the mountain instead of up and over). As we got further and higher into the more remote regions towards the 7th and 8th days, the accommodations became more, um, […]

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Fairlawn’s Boutique Hotel and Spa, Johannesburg

Our first impression of Fairlawn’s was that it was a nice hotel, like a good book with slightly worn but obviously well-loved cover. But we soon came to experience that this is a really special place, and to appreciate and luxuriate in the ‘story’ of this lovely, stately and relaxing sanctuary. Formerly the private estate of the Oppenheimer family, then the private home of now-owners John and Anna Thacker, this 39 room/suite boutique hotel has a serene and calming ambiance that was the perfect gateway night to our East African adventure. We stayed in the Nelson Mandela room and it […]

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A first (and a funny) in the Cape Town airport

So, we’ve all seen baggage handlers or porters in the airports, and in Africa, they are ubiquitous. Having quite a few bags between us due to our 3 week Africa trip, plus Kilimanjaro climb, we and the Taylors decided to use the services of a porter in the Cape Town airport. As he’s wheeling our bags through the terminal, he’s talking to us, out of the side of his mouth, in a hushed manner. “You know… the limit for bags, is one per person (we had six for four of us). I miiiiiight (sideways glance and an even more hushed […]

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Mark & Shauna Trieb

We’re Mark and Shauna Trieb and we live in Dallas, Texas. We are actuaries-turned-adventurers and one of the truisms that guides us is: “Life is not a dress rehearsal.” So, we’re doing our best to see, meet, try, and inspire as many places, people, experiences and adventures, as we can during our one shot at life. Read More

Mark and Shauna Trieb are actuaries-turned-adventurers... Read More


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