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This was our first visit to Malta, a country we knew little about, especially given how much there is to know! This post contains much more text that normal, as we found the rich history of Malta so fascinating. Malta’s location in the middle of the Mediterranean has historically given it great strategic importance as a naval base, and a succession of powers, including the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Sicilians, Spanish, Knights of St. John, French, and British have ruled the islands. Malta gained its political Independence from Britain on September 21, 1964 as an independent constitutional […]

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Singapore Slinging

Modern Singapore was founded when Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, a British statesman, landed in the area in 1819 and negotiated a treaty with a previously banished sultan to establish Singapore as a trading station for the British.  Singapore became a major port for East-West trade, growing from a small fishing port to a major world commercial center. Historical Population of Singapore: 1819: 150 1860: 80,000 1942: 800,000 1970: 2 million Today: 5 million There were two major defining historical events for Singapore in the 20th century. The first was the Fall of Singapore. Once regarded as an impregnable fortress, Japan invaded […]

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A Brief History of Japan

One of the things we’ve discovered about Japan is that it would be very hard to understand Japan today without understanding a bit about its long and unique history and culture. Sometimes it’s hard to separate fact from legend, history from tradition, but here’s our short summary of the history of Japan for what it’s worth. Oral tradition names Emperor Jimmu, a direct descendant of the Shinto sun goddess, as the first Emperor of Japan in 660 BC. Most historians, however, dismiss this early period as being beyond what history can actually know, and consider it legend until Emperor Kimmei. […]

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Mark & Shauna Trieb

We’re Mark and Shauna Trieb and we live in Dallas, Texas. We are actuaries-turned-adventurers and one of the truisms that guides us is: “Life is not a dress rehearsal.” So, we’re doing our best to see, meet, try, and inspire as many places, people, experiences and adventures, as we can during our one shot at life. Read More

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