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cabane Prafleuri to Arolla… ahhhh…

We hightailed it out of Prafleuri early and were treated to a lovely morning hike along the Dixence reservoir (after climbing up to Col des Roux). This milky-green lake is part of an amazing hydro project capturing water from 35 glaciers across the Valais region (including from below the Matterhorn), all pumped underground to this reservoir, where the large drop in elevation is used to generate electricity. A nice long climb up the Pas du Chat was rewarded with the incredible Mont Blanc de Cheilon with a graceful glacier curving down from its pyramidal peak. This is a very popular […]

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One man’s yuck is another man’s treasure

I noted in my brief Haute Route update a few days ago that we did a ‘Yucky’ hike on Tuesday from cabane Louvie to cabane Prafleuri, but more than one person who did this hike has since told me they really liked it. So while I won’t profess to have liked it, I will concede that it was very unique and that many people may find it interesting. This is one of the most remote stages of the tour, with a trail that is consistently rugged, rocky, high and often exposed. The Grand Desert, once a famous glacier crossing, but […]

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The Haute Route

The Haute Route, (or the High Route or Mountaineers’ Route) is the name given to a route (with several variations) undertaken on foot or by ski touring between Chamonix, France and Zermatt, Switzerland. We are doing (more or less) what is commonly known as the “Verbier Variation”, though we skipped Verbier. Since we had just finished the TMB in Chamonix on Sunday, we took the motorized transportation route to Fionnay on Monday and did just a short hike up to the Cabane Louvie rather than the 12 mile, 4,000 foot hike from Verbier. Slackers, I know 🙁 Okay, Mark wants […]

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Quick Haute Route Update

We have Internet and phone service for the first time in a few days; we were pretty remote on the first couple days of our Haute Route adventure. We are trying to make the 830 bus this morning out of Arolla, so no time for a full update, but so far we have bus/train/bussed from Chamonix to Fionnay, hiked from Fionnay to Cabane Louvie (short but lovely hike), did a YUCKY hike – look in websters, I think the definition of yucky is “the hike from Cabane Louvie to Cabane Prafleuri”, and after a long hike yesterday left the ‘moonscapes’ […]

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Sunday leisure in Chamonix

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Mark & Shauna Trieb

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